New Film Group, LLC, the production company behind the movie, Into the Wilderness, is in search of Civil War Reenactors to take part in the Battle of the Wilderness scene that is set to film October 5, 6 and 7 in east Tennessee.


Here are the details on the Battle of the Wilderness scenes and what the film crew is looking for:



The battle is a flank battle in trees path, and side field/ Battle of the Wilderness - for the film Into the Wilderness.


Location: Wes Hardin family Farm


             800 Lake View Drive


             Lenoir City, TN  37772. 


Directions from gate:   Enter through main gate and check in at the front to sign paperwork and pick up powder, grounds map, and instructions.


When: October 5, 6, and 7th (We have the Hardin Farm starting the morning of October 5th through the evening of October 7th) - We would prefer that all re-enactors were present all three days for continuity, but some exceptions will considered upon request.


Schedule/ Time:


October 5th - Filming of setting up camps (while in period dress) - please nothing modern showing in or around the tents, this will be primarily dog tents, except for a walled General's tent for a scene between the lead actor, General Lee and his commanders while they are looking at maps in the tent.


Also, any additional uniform pieces, general's maps, tent chairs and tables (period) anything that someone has where we can set up an authentic General's tent, would be much appreciated.


Women in camp dress are also welcome. There will be quieter scenes and individual scenes with the child and horse shot during Friday evening. There may be some scenes of soldiers chasing other characters filmed during the evenings. The lead actor will appear for the first time in these scenes.


We are asking reenactors to get into period clothing before setting up camp, so that we can film you working. We request that you hide modern camping equipment that will be used overnight away from the set.


Yes, you can camp for two nights on the farm. Also, there will be an area for setting up walled tents away from the set for evening campers.


October 6th - Filming of the major battle scenes and opening scene of the film.


October 7th – Close-up battle scenes and skirmishes with some fights going on in the edges of the frame, pick-ups, specialty shots

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Logistics for the weekend:


·  All period costumes and weapons

·  All camping gear and tents, period everyday items that would be used milling and living around the camp dog tents

·   About 2-3 horses for all three days beyond the white horse

·   No more than 2 -3 cannons total

·   About 50- 60 soldiers, with uniforms for both sides, if possible

·    Dog tents and all equipment

·    Period Flags and banners, especially the kind carried into battle

·    All re-enactors bring their own kit and uniform for the weekend

·    Extra costumes and weapons you would be willing to share for those that don't have their own pieces


·    Cannon must provide fuses or pulls for artillery

·    If you play period musical instruments or are a musician, we would love to hear some music during the filming!

·   Lastly, we need you to sign in each day to get film credits for the movie. We need to know your name and contact information when you arrive. We will provide a list.


·     ALL FOOD WILL BE PROVIDED FOR THE WEEKEND – We will be having food prepared on site, like BBQ, along with other catering, as well as craft services for every day of the shoot. 

·     WATER will be provided in some portable form.

·     Porta Potties will be provided - at least 1 regular and 1 handicap

·     Please bag all trash and we will haul it out at the end. We will provide trash bags.

·     We are working with the Hardins to find out their wishes about fire rings and campfires. 

·     A working production camp with generator will be on-site every night (for emergencies) Production Assistant staff will be on-site for all three days and nights.


Specific Details:

All Parking and campsites will be carefully mapped and marked for you. There will be signs made to help you get to the correct places.


Please remember that this is a film shoot. We need to make sure that all car alarms are off (don't set or lock your car, if automatic), all cellphones are stowed and off, and all modern bits and bobs, no matter how small, are stowed out of sight.


We can't thank you enough for your help and participation. Thank you for spreading the word for us, too. The more people who know about this project, the better. We are very proud of what we have been able to accomplish thus far, we love Tennessee, and look forward to finishing the film with all your help. We will be premiering the film at a red-carpet celebration in Knoxville when it is done.



As a gift of thanks, we will be providing two tickets to the red-carpet opening event and a copy of the movie for each reenactor that participates.


We look forward to seeing all of you there. We are big fans of yours and we look forward to making you big fans of Into the Wilderness.





Reenactors can sign up online at the following link:

Angela Caito