Into the Wilderness attends CineGear at Paramount Studios!

Looking through old drafts and notes I found this Cine Gear post that I had wanted to do, but ran out of time before we left on our scouting and audition trip to Tennessee.

This morning I wanted to talk about some of the gear that we will be using in Tennessee and that we hope to use on the shoot. The two seemed to go together, so I sort of started there.

We attended the annual Cine Gear at Paramount Studios, Los Angeles, CA and found ourselves braving the heat, along with a couple thousand of our closest film industry friends. Whew! After a few days of cool, cloudy days, the sun came out with a vengeance! Much of the new gear was really focused on making smaller, lighter, more powerful cameras and smaller more powerful ways to get those camera where you need it.

Some of the booths that we were impressed by?

ROTOLIGHT! Of course. We love them. Rod Sr. was super busy helping new folks and we didn't want to interrupt his jam. People were 3 deep and all asking questions! We are already converts and love Rotolights - so, we just enjoyed from about 4 deep back and listened to more about our fav lights!

HYPERMEDIA INTERNATIONAL, INC. (IRVINE, CA) - Now our local, hometown, go to guys. Spencer and Frank are terrific guys and seem to be able to solve any tech problem you have! We tried out their new batteries and wireless video system - THEY PERFORMED BEAUTIFULLY!  Those Powerange BP-1600 batteries just kept going and going. We never had an "emergency" switch in a shot. The wireless system worked over the promised distance and worked the first time with an easy connection to both the camera and monitors. We can't thank you enough.

Thank you to all our industry buddies providing cold drinks and shade at their awesome booths! We're looking at you PRODUCTION HUB! Thanks for all your help, Jennelle. You guys did a nice job for us. We appreciate it.

More of our industry favs...

ABLECINE - Ian and the gang are always amazing. We rely on them to get our awesome gear and help us learn how to use it all.

SONY - Yes, we love our new Venice. It is a spectacular piece of equipment and performed brilliantly on the scouting expedition. We can't wait to use it on the film!!

LEICA - We were also particularly impressed with the new M 0.8 lenses. We can't wait to see them on the Venice

TOKINA - Again, just a great lens maker and we have now had a chance to use them on the Venice and they are beautiful.