Cinematographer - Rick De Witt talks taking the Sony Venice into the Wilderness - NAB 2018


Richard De Witt - Director/ Director of Photography

Feature Film: Into the Wilderness - Genre; Thriller

Into Wilderness is a Civil War era story that mostly takes place in the forest and is not only a thriller, but also a Coen Bros. type black comedy.

Being a classically trained cinematographer out of AFI during the film era by such cinematography legends as Conrad Hall, Zilmos Zsigmond, Haskel Wexler and Jack Green, I was taught how to adapt to any and all limitations of every type of camera and film stock. With these challenges also came the physical production, story and style elements of each and every project. Being that cinematographers are both technical and creative, it is vital that camera systems must have the ability to support all these challenges.

Transitioning into the digital age, it is imperative that cinematographers also have the ability to transition with their equipment. When presented with the film Into the Wilderness and it’s unique creative and technical challenges, I was immediately drawn to the new Sony Venice camera’s capabilities. The Venice also lives up to today’s expectations on many levels. Not only is it built for toughness in the field, but also a true, nimble cinema camera. The Venice is a true hybrid that feels, operates and performs like the best of both worlds – film and digital. It supports the very best in optics, data recording and ergonomics and has the ability to grow with technology much like most film cameras that have maintained their value for many years (since they only had to be able to adjust to the evolution of emulsion).

I am very excited to be one of the first of many cinematographers who will be working with the new Sony Venice camera, to bring a feature film to life. I look forward to working with the Venice’s full frame ability, tandem recording, 16bit raw capability and being able to push the limits in the post production process to achieve the unique, one-of-a-kind look that we have planned. We rest easy knowing that the Sony Venice is ahead of its time and in the front of the pack of popular digital camera platforms being offered today.

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Thanks to the team at AbleCine, Los Angeles, CA - booth #C8215 ; and to CineAlta and Sony at Exhibit # C11001