From carpentry to cameras and everything in between, our crew has battled the wilderness each and every day to ensure this film is 100% amazing, and for that, we are beyond thankful.


Whether it was days on end spent wading through water, trying to avoid mosquito bites, fighting allergies and sickness or rainy days that edged into a bitter cold spell, this team has shown time and time again how hard they have been willing to work to create a masterpiece!

Trust us when we say that our crew has worked though extreme hot temperatures, rainy days and even bitter cold evenings and nights and for all they do, we thank each and every person for their dedication to the wilderness movie.


As we slowly creep toward the end of production and begin to move towards the editing phase, we want to say how appreciative we are for all of the incredible people we have been working with and all who will continue working with us as we continue this wilderness journey. These are not just crew members at all. This is like a second family and while away, we’ll miss those we no longer see day after day.


We wanted to share a little video compilation of a few of our talented, and very dedicated crew! It’s short but will give you a little glimpse into the hard work everyone has undertaken over the last few months of production.

Again, thank you so much to our amazing crew. We would go “into the wilderness” with you guys anytime!

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Angela Caito