Sammy and Hannah have had such an incredible time in Tennessee, and especially with Associate Producer Vicky Edgemon catering to their every whim (especially when Hannah demanded hot coffee!). They also loved the hotel pool, catching up on their favorite television shows and most importantly, spending time with the amazing cast and crew when they got to go on location during filming of Into the Wilderness.

These two furry pals, along with Producers Michael Candela and Ev Stanton and Executive Producer and Director Rick DeWitt are certainly going to feel plenty of heartache due to missing all of you great Tennessee friends who have made sure that we felt right at home during production, but it’s also going to be wonderful to be home with our own family and friends on the west coast!

As a matter of fact, Sammy and Hannah are very excited today because they will soon get to see Hannah the monkey’s human handler and catch up on everything they have missed while in the southern United States. While Michael has been away, he’s been able to spend plenty of time with Sammy the bear and Hannah the monkey, but he sure is happy to be able to go home and see his family in person! As a matter of fact, as we just learned today, Candela has a very special birthday to celebrate once he arrives home.


A Very Special Birthday Celebration!

We want to take a moment to wish Hannah, Producer Michael Candela’s daughter, a very Happy 18th Birthday!

 We hope your special day has been filled with an abundance of love as well as happiness and smiles, and of course, plenty of fun!  The future is yours and we cannot wait to see you as you carefully forge your own trail into the wilderness and watch as you leave your mark on this thing we call life.

 Happy Happy Birthday Hannah from Sammy the bear, Hannah the monkey and the rest of the wilderness movie cast and crew!

Angela Caito