The last we heard from Sammy the Bear, he was trying to roam through the woods at beautiful Cades Cove when he and Producer Michael Candela went to scout some locations for us to film. That was way back in September and since then, he has made himself scarce, or we’ve just been so busy running ourselves ragged that we haven’t taken time to catch up with Sammy.

Sammy has been spending a great deal of time lounging around the hotel like he’s some sort of celebrity on a Greek Island vacation or something. As a matter of fact, just a couple evenings ago we caught him sneaking around the hotel dining room where he attacked our friend and Tony award winning actor Shuler Hensley and wouldn’t let him leave until he agreed to grab him a hot cocoa and some bananas to take back to the room. He told us that night that he had been laying around catching up on the daytime soap operas.


Apparently, his little friend Hannah the Monkey has been spending quite a bit of time with Sammy while we’re away from the hotel during the day. According to one of the fabulous hotel staff members,

“Sammy and Hannah have been very loud during the day as they keep the television set turned up so loud while watching soap operas that other guests cannot rest!”

It looks like we’re going to have to start waking Sammy up early so he can go work with us on location as we finish filming Into the Wilderness over the next couple weeks.

  Hannah the Monkey stole the remote from Sammy!

Hannah the Monkey stole the remote from Sammy!

He complained tonight when we got in that Hannah the Monkey stole the remote from him and was trying very hard to make him learn how to do a dance they watched on her favorite show, Dancing With the Stars Monday evening.

We’re nearing the last week or so of filming Into the Wilderness and although we still have some very important scenes to wrap up and we want to see our families and friends back home, we are certainly not looking forward to heading out of this great state where we’re going to miss the many incredible people we’ve met and worked with during our time here.

Have no fear however! We’re still going to continue updating everyone as production progresses and who knows? We might even catch a glimpse or two of Sammy the Bear working hard hauling camera equipment around or trying to show a crew member how to do something the way that only a bear can do!


Until then, be sure to continue checking our blog as well as our Instagram and Twitter pages where you can find all things wilderness and stay on top of everything happening with the Into the Wilderness movie!

Angela Caito