If you have not yet heard the name Mallory Johnson, or been able to hear her amazing voice, you are in for a treat. Johnson, along with acting talent and her incredible music, will be a beautiful addition to the Into the Wilderness movie. While taking time to collaborate with other songwriters, she has been hard at work writing a few new songs that will not only be used in the film, but Johnson herself will be singing on camera as she steps into her first featured role in the movie.

Born and raised in Canada, Mallory Johnson has been singing since she was old enough to make a noise. Her first public performance was at the ripe old age of three when she hopped onto the stage and she belted out the ‘I love you’ theme song to the popular children’s television show, “Barney and Friends” for a small crowd.  

  Mallory Johnson/Photo Credit Facebook

Mallory Johnson/Photo Credit Facebook

 Johnson has come a long way since those early childhood performances and has developed into quite the musical wunderkind. From the age of eleven and for several years after, Mallory Johnson was in a Celtic band called the Cormiers with her family.  The band consisted of Mallory along with her mother, Loretta Johnson, as well as her uncle and cousin, Gordon and Randall Cormier. The Cormiers recorded four records and won numerous music awards during their time together.  

Stephenville Theatre Festival 2013 "A Night With Mallory Johnson"

Johnson was contacted by her agent, Cathy Nakos in Nashville, Tennessee earlier this year and asked if she wanted to audition for a role in the movie. She said her agent told her to bring her guitar along and when she showed up for the audition, she said she decided to just do the best she could and see how it would go.

During her audition, we were beyond impressed with her talent and of course, it didn’t take long to realize that we needed her for Into the Wilderness.  Her voice is powerful yet angelic, as you can hear in her music and her presence is unforgettable.

 Johnson is the winner of the 2017 Canadian Country Music Association (CCMA) Spotlight Performance contest and she has been nominated for Country Artist of the Year, Female Artist of the Year and Rising Star for the 2018 MusicNL music awards .

  Mallory Johnson performing/Photo Credit: Facebook

Mallory Johnson performing/Photo Credit: Facebook

Mallory told us that her biggest inspiration has been her mom, Loretta Johnson, who has been a musician her entire life, sang with The Cormiers and recorded numerous albums. She has also been inspired by greats including Dolly Parton and Emmy Lou Harris because, as she told us, these are strong women who are not afraid to break the mold.

Break the mold is exactly what Mallory Johnson has done with her talent. Her manager, country music legend Sammy Kershaw, was asked about Johnson during a 2015 interview with Nashville Country Club where he stated, “This girl can sing!” He went on to say that her pitch was so good that she had country in her soul and it was unbelievable that she had been just sitting out there. 

We’re happy to have Mallory Johnson join the Into the Wilderness movie and we look forward to her musical as well as acting talent when she films later this month.

Johnson will be performing on stage in Nashville, Tennessee later this month, so be sure to catch her show if you’re in town. You can find her upcoming shows at the following link:



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Angela Caito