When you need to film a major battle scene in a movie, it means you must take time to find the perfect Civil War reenactors to portray the soldiers in the scene you need to film. On top of this, one short scene can take not only a few hours, but several days to make sure every shot is filmed perfectly. This means that our actors worked several long days in the heat, often wearing heavy, uncomfortable clothing and other gear and enduring all that comes with filming in the great outdoors.

The weekend was truly long and the hike into the mountainous area that we filmed was not a fun hike at all. Temperatures were not terribly bad, but with dozens of reenactors wearing heavy clothing, bugs galore and smoke filling the air from the rifles, it was most definitely not a pleasant day in the wilderness!

  Actors Tyler Russell, Chris Bath and Nathan Miller-Behind the Scenes- Into the Wilderness movie

Actors Tyler Russell, Chris Bath and Nathan Miller-Behind the Scenes- Into the Wilderness movie

We had a chance to talk to a few of the guys to see what they thought about being in a movie and what it was like to be on location to film.

You might recognize actor Chris Bath from his work on shows like Snapped, Homicide Hunter and Dying to Belong, all shows that are produced by Jupiter Entertainment, a production company located in Knoxville, TN who produce record breaking television hits.

When we asked Bath what he thought about working on the Into the Wilderness movie, he stated,

“I’m excited to be here!”

Bath also told us that he was having a very interesting and unique experience, and Into the Wilderness is the first movie he has worked in and was happy to be here.

You can find more about Chris Bath by following his Instagram page.

 Actor Tyler Russell, was excited about working with Into the Wilderness. Tyler is new to acting and said he thought the premise of the movie and being able to take part in the battle scene was great!

Another actor we spoke to, Nathan Miller, who has worked in theatre productions told us that Into the Wilderness is his first film and he said he was excited to be able to work in the movie.

  Behind the Scenes during filming of Into the Wilderness

Behind the Scenes during filming of Into the Wilderness

We’re thrilled to say that our “war hardened” battle actors not only survived a grueling weekend of filming in the hot and muggy woods of Tennessee, but they brought an abundance of raw talent to the table as they shared their best battle cries, stampeded one another in hand to hand combat and truly showed how dedicated they were to the Into the Wilderness movie as we filmed.

It’s been great for us to work with local actors and even the many reenactors who may have never considered working in a movie before but found that they enjoyed the work once they got here and saw how much work goes into making a movie. We want to thank all of the actors and reenactors for their participation in Into the Wilderness!

 These dedicated individuals not only worked hard to help ensure filming went as smoothly as possible, but even better is the fact that they were excited to be here and from what we have been told, everyone had a great time even with the heat, the long hours and the overall exhaustion that came with it all.


Stay tuned for more Into the Wilderness behind the scenes action as well news and updates right here on our blog where you are guaranteed to find the most interesting things about our movie and the people who are working hard to make it the best!

Angela Caito